IFC Composite GmbH operates a comprehensive test center that can also be used by third-parties. 14 drive shaft test benches for bursting, crash, NVH, acoustic, service life and tightness tests, as well as climatic chambers (-41°C to +75°C at 80% relative humidity), enable all loading cases in the life of a lightweight design drive shaft or a lightweight design leaf spring to be simulated. This enables quick and reliable testing of new developments.


IFC Composite flexibly manufactures close-to-production and series-integrated prototypes. IFC Composite GmbH offers all of the necessary resources in order to continuously develop its integrated management system for quality and the environment. The company places high demands on its employees with regard to the implementation of quality and environmental policies as well as on the fulfillment of customer requirements in all areas.



Filament winding

Filament winding enables high-quality hollow parts and tubes to be produced from fiber-reinforced plastics. Fiber strands made from carbon or glass fibers are wound around a cylindrical or conical rotating core and undergo a resin impregnation procedure.


The plastics Duroplast and Thermoplast are well-suited as matrix materials. The core used is either reusable or cannot be reused as it dissolves or remains in the component during the winding procedure.


Wound fiber composite materials, which are generally produced automatically, are also being used more and more frequently in automobile manufacturing.