Coupling Disc

It is not only for the automotive sector that IFC Composite manufactures fiber-reinforced plastic structural components that are exposed to dynamic loads. The company's business areas also include what are known as coupling elements for wind turbines.

this coupling parts in wind power turbines that link the rotors and generators to each other. The coupling elements are manufactured in different sizes, depending on the power output of the wind turbines.

When using glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) in conjunction with epoxy resin, wind turbines, in particular, benefit from the outstanding elasticity and enormous tensile strength.


IFC Composite in brief

IFC Composite GmbH in Haldensleben/Saxony-Anhalt is a medium-sized company in the automotive supply industry. It is a European market leader in the manufacturing of leaf springs made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP).


IFC Composite manufactures extreme-stress fiber composite structural components for the automotive industry as well as racing, aviation, shipbuilding, and wind generators, in addition to products for the sport and leisure sector.