IFC Composite in brief

IFC Composite GmbH in Haldensleben/Saxony-Anhalt is a medium-sized company in the automotive supply industry. It is a European market leader in the manufacturing of leaf springs made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP).


IFC Composite manufactures extreme-stress fiber composite structural components for the automotive industry as well as racing, aviation, shipbuilding, and wind generators, in addition to products for the sport and leisure sector.


IFC Composite GmbH specializes in the development and manufacturing of structural components made from fiber composite. As a series supplier of leaf springs, IFC has been working within the market since 2006. Since the start of 2011, IFC has successfully embarked on its new major business areas of services, and fiber composite drive shaft tubes and compolinks. The company from Haldensleben is a European technological leader for products made from fiber-reinforced plastic